Photo courtesy of Bonnie and Lauren

As a speech and voice coach, Tanja has worked with people ranging from TEDx speakers and Google whizz kids, on air journalists, academics, senior executives, cancer survivors and school students. 

Through her years of working with vocal artists, Tanja has developed techniques that are based on a comprehensive understanding of how people engage their breath, use their voice and how these things are affected by different energetic states, from apologetics to anxiety. 

Tanja's aim is to enable people to present well, and to communicate their message clearly and with authenticity.

Over time, Tanja has distilled her broad understanding of the voice, breath and energy into solutions that can be simply communicated and simply embodied by the speaker. This does not involve learning techniques to imitate a particular style, but learning how to settle into the sound and capacity of one's own voice. This is a truly satisfying and surprisingly simple practice. It is one of Tanja's great joys in life to see people communicating big ideas simply, developing a personal authority and sounding just like themselves. 

I can’t sing her praises enough. Tanja is a genius and an absolute delight to work with. I look forward to working with her on all of my future projects.
— Lise Lindstrom, International Performing Artist, Soprano