voice coaching

Most of the work that Tanja does is in the form of one-on-one voice coaching.

Before working with Tanja I hadn’t appreciated how much my capacity to connect with my voice impacted both my ability to feel authentic and my sense of agency in the world. The process is fascinating and enlightening, and through this Tanja encourages you to turn up, be heard and be you.
— Lou Halliwell, Lead Designer Craig Walker Design and Innovation

Tanja works with people to develop an understanding of how to relate to their voice, agency and message via an understanding of their breath, vocal mechanism and language. Everyone has a unique relationship to their voice and so every process is different, but generally Tanja works with people over 3-6 x 75 min sessions.


Tanja delivers keynote presentations and delivers voice workshops for up to 30 participants. Tanja’s workshops are dynamic participatory sessions that enable the participants to go on a shared journey to uncover how to use their voice resonantly and authentically with authority and spontaneity.